Summer University in Kathmandu


The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Summer University invites eager learners to explore Śāktism, tantra, and yoga in Nepal. The programme allows students to engage deeply with the beautiful traditions, practices, foods, architecture, philosophies, and people of Nepal.

Experiencing the vibrant cultural life of Nepal is important to a better understanding of the way in which religion functions and richly contributes to the lived experiences of people. The Kathmandu Valley is a central hotspot for Hindu and Buddhist tantric traditions. Exploring the sites of yoga, tantra, and Śākta worship means diving into a new realm of religious knowledge and understanding. The course will connect to a variety of fields including Study of Religion, Indology, South Asian Anthropology, Sociology, and History of Religions. 

Participants can meet religion and spirituality as it is lived, engage their curiosity, open their minds, and let the world be their teacher.

Everyone is welcome to apply to the programme. ECTS accreditation can be awarded to participating BA students. Course completion certificates will be administered to all participants. 



What You Will Get

★ Daily lectures and workshops by leading international scholars

★ Fieldwork experiences in rituals, religious spaces, and traditional practices: understanding through participation

★ Expert-led excursions to World Heritage sites, cultural hotspots, and unknown Śākta and tantric locations, connecting theory to practice

★ Taught yoga classes by both western yoga teachers and by traditional practitioners from Nepal

★ Festive traditional Newar and Himalayan dinners

Where you will live

You will be housed at the Hyatt Regency 5-star hotel in Kathmandu. This hotel was chosen for its stringent COVID-19 measures, and for the highest quality experience possible in Kathmandu. This will ensure students have a safe and luxurious place to rest after long days of exploration, and a quiet place to complete course readings throughout the duration of the program. For further information on the hotel’s specific amenities, please follow the link here.

Included in your stay at Hyatt Regency will be airport pick-up and drop-off, amazing breakfasts, as well as pool and gym access. 

Course Description

  • Course name: Yoga, Tantra, and Śāktism in Nepal
  • Educational institution: Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion, and Society
  • Course credits: 10 ECTS (only for BA students)
  • Exam: Essay
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Study period: two weeks
  • Rate of studies: Full time
  • Maximum number of students: 24
  • Admission: Everyone is welcome to apply. 


Event Details

Practical Information

Health & Safety and FAQ


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Sign Up

If you would like to secure your spot for the Kathmandu Summer University course this year, please fill out the google form below. The course fee is 1,850GBP. Please be prepared to submit a down payment of 200GBP in order to ensure your spot. Make sure to sign up and pay before 15 May 2022. 

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Our team

This summer university is run and taught by
Professor Gavin Flood FBA

Tutor and Researcher

Dr Bjarne Wernicke-Olesen

Tutor and Researcher

Professor Sondra Hausner

Tutor and Researcher

Dr Rajan

Tutor and Researcher

Dr Silje Lyngar Einarsen

Tutor and Researcher

Professor Gavin Flood FBA

Director and Manager

Dr Bjarne Wernicke-Olesen


Dr Jesica Frazier


Dr Lucian Wong


Professor Oliver Davies


Prema Goet

Tutor and photographer

Gitte Poulsen

Manager and tutor

Tanja Jakobsen

Webdesign and consultant

Surabhi Acharya

Webdesign assistant



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