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Dr Bjarne Wernicke-Olesen

Dr Wernicke-Olesen is a Research Lecturer at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and tutor in Hinduism, Buddhism and Sanskrit at the Theology and Religion Faculty, University of Oxford. He is the Research Director of the Śākta Traditions research programme together with Professor Gavin Flood and founder of the OCHS Kathmandu Office. His work focuses on Indian languages (especially Sanskrit, Vedic and Pāli), Śāktism and tantric traditions in Nepal, The ascetic reformism (c. 6th to 2nd century BC), Medieval India and Nepal, Yoga and asceticism, Myths and rituals, History of Ideas in South Asia, Theory and method, and the history of research on religion. He is currently working on a Danish translation of the Haṭhapradīpikā and an English translation and critical edition of the Netratantra.